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The Indie Artist "Soulpower Jam Showcase"

Welcome to the WSLQ's Indie Artist Page.  WSLQ's DNA is largely comprised of the contributions through the music of the Indie Artist.  In fact we have a show called THE INDIE ARTIST SHOW e which airs Saturdays from 12noon to 1pm.  This show is totally devoted to the Indie Artist.  Its a show that focuses on the Indie Artists from around the World, around the Globe.  Our UK Ambassador Of Music Suzy Sue provides the station with the latest and the greatest regarding the Indie releases, what's current and new,  up and coming artists as well as vintage artists.  We encourage Indie Artists to send your music to our email and we will air your music once it goes thru our quality control board, to ensure it is properly mastered and meets our standards of broadcast quality.  We invite Indie Artists to join us on our live shows for live conversational interviews by way of live in-studio, telephonically, or Zoom calls.  WSLQ also has access to an Intimate Concert Venue referred to as the Quarter Note Lounge Clubhouse (QNLC).  Promotional WSLQ is currently conducting a program named the "SOULPOWER JAM SHOWCASE."  WSLQ is offering the Indie Artist an opportunity to perform LIVE a 3 song set free of charge in which your music will be aired live and the Artist in turn receives a Video Reel for the purposes of advertising. The QNLC maintains a state of the art Sound System along with an 8 4k Camera Switching System.  The QNLC  can seat an intimate audience of approximately 30, and a virtual audience which is unlimited.  Inquiry further about a renting the QNLC, and setting up virtual tickets sales for a full on concert experience for a solo act or band.

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